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Panel de Aluminio

Panel deextrusiónde aluminio purodisipa el calorde manera eficiente, proporciona sensación de frescordurante el uso.

Ventiladores duales de 140mm

N8 tiene components funcionales sin duda. Dos ventiladores de 140mm le dan a N8 una gran potencia y apariencia fija.

Flujo de Aire Excelente

Ventiladores duales proporcionan un rendimiento de alta refrigeración, también el excelente diseño de entrada de aire ofrece un flujo óptimo para enfriar su portátil.

USB de paso

N8 está compuesto por cuatro puertos USB. Usted puede usar un puerto USB para encender el cooler y los otros para usos extensionales.

El panel de extrusión de aluminio disipa el calor de manera eficiente.
Dos ventiladores de 140mm ofrecen un gran flujo de aire y un alto rendimiento de refrigeración.
Un excelente diseño de la ingesta de aire proporciona un flujo un de aire óptimo para enfriar su ordenador portátil.
puerto del USB para la entrada de energía y 3 puertos del USB para los dispositivos prolongables.
Aplicable a
Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.
Dimensión Total Dimensión del Ventilador Peso Neto Tipo de Rodamiento
380X278X55mm 140X140X15mm 1244g Soporte Hidráulico
Tensión Nominal Voltaje de Funcionamiento Voltaje de inicio Calificación actual
5VDC 4.5~5VDC 4VDC 0.3±10%A
Entrada de energía Velocidad del ventilador Flujo de aire máximo Ruido
1.5W 1000±10%RPM 94.7CFM 25.1dB(A)
EAN P/N    
6933412704560 DP-N24N-N8SR    

Dimensiones del producto
    • 1/13/2011 12:00:00 AM
    • Deepcool N8 Review
    • While the Deepcool N8 might not have as many frills as some of the other coolers I have reviewed, it does provide a professional, crisp, look that many other coolers do not have. This, bundled with decent cooling ability, provided by the aluminum base as well as the two large fans, as well as a USB hub make it a good choice for anyone who wants to give out a professional appearance while on the go. Additionally, its smaller size allows much more desk space to be used for other things while still allowing a 15" laptop to be used with it. Finally, the tilt of the N8 allows the user to derive ergonomic benefits by placing the laptop's built in keyboard at a slant. Overall, I would recommend the N8 to anyone who is looking for a professional looking laptop cooler that can still get the job done. 
    • 1/14/2011 12:00:00 AM
    • DeepCool N8 Notebook Cooler Review
    • The DeepCool N8 notebook cooler is one of the better one’s that I have seen recently and does what it is supposed to do without any issues. I also like that DeepCool did not try and add a ton of extras on to the N8 like many manufacturers have done with notebook coolers. It is a notebook cooler and that’s it, plain and simple. The extra 3 USB ports is a plus since many notebooks do not have a ton of USB ports and you are giving one up to power the N8. 
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