180mm fan with speed adjustable offers big airflow and high cooling performance.
Superb air intake design offers optimal airflow to cool your notebook.
Two viewing angles adjustable for the most comfort in use.
Anti-slip design ensures notebook safety.
Dual USB ports. 

적용 가능 범위

"(최대 17") 이하 노트북과 15.6와 호환됩니다.


전체규격 380X296X46mm
라디에이터크기 180X15mm
무게 966g
베어링종류 Hydro Bearing
정격전압 5VDC
동작전압 4.5~5VDC
시작전압 2.8VDC
정격전류 0.12±10%~0.22±10%A
입력전력 0.6~1.1W
팬 속도 600±150~1000±10%RPM
최대기류 84.7CFM
소음 16~20dB(A)

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