RGB 100 Plus
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RGB Lighting
RGB lighting that brightly lights up your entire rig.
Mode dynamique et multicolore
Des effets de lumière inégalés pour apporter plus de vie à votre configuration
Magnetic Mounting
Magnetic mounting design allows you to easily and firmly attach RGB 100 Plus to you PC case. Only applies to iron-based surfaces.
Series Connection Capable
Serial connector allows you to easily connect several strips together.
Stable and Long Lifespan
Estimated 100,000-hour operational lifespan and provided with a safe 12V power supply.
Software Control
Software control is accessible if your motherboard features RGB SYNC and a 12V RGB 4-pin port.
Bright customizable RGB lighting.
Includes 1 RGB cable for software control.
Magnet-mounting for iron-based surfaces.
Series connection capable.
Stable and long lifespan.
Soft and bendable design.
NOTE: Applicable with motherboards with RGB header.

Technical Spec

Length of LED strips 300mm
Length of Extension cable 500mm
Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness:300*10*3mm
Number of LED Lights 18pcs
Weight 23g (with package: 53g)
Rated Power 90mW
Rated Current 20mA
Peak Current 100mA
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Working Temperature -20→ +60℃
Storage Temperature -35 → +80℃
Working Environment Indoor use only
Product package dimension 203*154*20mm
Master carton dimension 468*296*407mm
Quantity packed each carton 80pcs
EAN 6933412795797