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Slim & Portable & High Performance
Eternal Classic Black
WIND PAL FS is black, including its impressively massive flat metal mesh and green plastic base. The wholly black construction helps generate an eternal and classic feel of the design.
Stable Ship in the Calming Seas
WIND PAL FS has a curved base, creating a cross-section resembling a ship designed to cruise the open oceans. The massive metal mesh serves as the deck, providing a flat and well-organized work surface. WIND PAL FS provides the secure sensation of being on board a massive ship while surfing the seas of the Internet.
WIND PAL FS is provided with a massive metal mesh, green ABS + PMMBA plastic base, and soft silica gel pads. All of these materials exude an inner quality that perfectly portrays the user as a fashionable and upright business professional.
Twin 140 mm fans
WIND PAL FS has all the defining characteristic and functional components of the WIND PAL series. Twin 140 mm fans allow WIND PAL FS to deliver powerful performances while enhancing its stunning visuals.
Two Functional Modes
WIND PAL FS has a standard USB Hub with 2 built-in ports, providing much needed convenience when using external USB devices. A user may also use the fan speed control button to balance between noise and cooling performance, and is a must have function for the environmentally-conscious individual.
Two Viewing Angles
WIND PAL FS allows a user to choose between 2 ergonomic viewing angles.
Leveling Treatment
Complete flatness is achieved through a unique leveling treatment, achieving perfect compatibility between two materials while providing WIND PAL FS with awesome aesthetics.
Curved base
The curved base improves airflow space for the WIND PAL FS. The slim construction also provides an attractive aesthetic.
Smooth lines
Curved base and streamlined contours make WIND PAL FS resemble the structure of a futuristic naval ship. The massive metal mesh serves as the deck, providing a flat and well-organized work surface. WIND PAL FS provides the secure sensation of being on board a massive ship while surfing the seas of the Internet.
Anti-slip feature
WIND PAL FS has small foldable feet provided with soft silica gel pads at the bottom of the panel. These feet prevent notebook slipping and protect notebook edges against scratches.
Force feedback design
WIND PAL FS provides a considerate design where the feet automatically locks to the default position when the feet is moved slightly.
Extra Finger Room
WIND PAL FS provides extra space in the retraction slot of the feet, allowing fingers to comfortably flip open the cooler feet.
2x 140 mm fans for delivering powerful airflow with low noise.
Metal mesh front panel and twin 140 mm fans provide excellent cooling performance.
2x USB ports for additional USB devices.
Adjustable fan speed to achieve balance between cooling performance and airflow strength.
2 viewing angles to maximize user comfort.
Anti-slip lock to keep your notebook safe.
Nowhere is missed by two fans working together
WIND PAL FS protect your entire notebook from being too hot, not the CPU position only. Its two fans located on both sides, work together to assure the air flow touch everywhere on the bottom of your notebook.
Fan speed is in the control of you
In addition to the feature of being portable, you may balance between noise and cooling performance under the help of fan speed control switch, WIND PAL FS gives you more scope to act as to your wish.
Antifriction,Durable silica gel pad protects your note book for a long time
WIND PAL FS has small folded feet at the bottom of the panel, and are stuck with soft silica gel pad, it stop the notebook from slipping off and protect the edge of the notebook from scratches. The silica gel pad is durable and will protect your notebook through the entire lifetime of WIND PAL FS.
Environment friendly materials assure your high-quality life
WIND PAL FS’ materials are all in compliance with RoHS, packages are recyclable, it is indeed born with the theme of being environment friendly. In additional to its ergonomic designs and considerate features, WIND PAL FS shows your style of being fashionable, environmental, business and cool wherever and whenever you use it.

Application For

Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension 382X262X24mm
Fan Dimension 140X140X15mm
Net Weight 793g
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage 5VDC
Operating Voltage 4.5~5VDC
Started Voltage 4VDC
Rated Current 0.19±10%~0.32±10%A
Power Input 0.95~1.6W
Fan Speed 700±150~1200±10%RPM
Max. Air Flow 115CFM
Noise 21.5~26.5dB(A)
EAN 6933412708728

Product Dimension