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High Cooling Performance & Super Sound
Music - Trio
The name “M3” was inspired by “trio”, a classical music form, which is widely known for the form of "piano trio" — piano, violin and cello — and the "string trio" — violin, viola and cello. With built-in speakers inside, M3 tries to provide you more pleasant experience when you enjoy your music.
Sleek Appearance Design
The cooling base is made of high quality HIPS material in a simplex design; but the V shaped speaker cavity area can easily catch your eyes easily because of the colored metal mesh.
Through different color matches, the innovative audio notebook cooler M3 is trying to show you the color of music: Black hard rock, Blue symphony, Orange country music, Green glee, Purple tranquillo music. Life is brilliant and music has colors!
2.1 Speaker System
M3 not only offers you high cooling performance but also provides you a 2.1 speaker system for your music life! With two tweeters on the side and one woofer in the middle, a high quality audio system is formed to enhance music experience!
The Magnetic Loudspeaker
Inner-magnetic speakers can offer high quality music without affecting the operation of your laptop components.
Extra Micro USB Port
The extra Micro-USB input port on M3 allows you to power the cooler (including the cooling fan, speakers and 2 USB 2.0 output ports) with your 5V AC/DC adapter. In this way, you can connect more USB devices with bigger current consumption.
Damping Chamber Design
In order to reduce the impact of the sound resonance for notebook, designers add two damping chambers at both sides of the speaker system so that you can use your notebook safely and enjoy the music play.
Brushed Aluminum Panel
For M3 Black, a large area of black brushed aluminum panel adds a tough feeling to it to fit the “Black Hard Rock”.
Eco Silicon Pad
For M3 Blue, Orange, Green and Purple, a large area of eco-friendly silicon pad not only enhance the colorful design but also helps with the anti-slip function.
2.1-channel speakers & 2.1 multimedia audio systems with excellent sound;
Build-in magnetic loudspeaker with two damping chamber in the main body to protect your notebook safety;
The standard USB port and USB-powered for the most comfort in use;
Integration of speaker and cooling design;
Standard 3.5MM audio port, Plug and Play without drive makes more convenient;
Fan speed is in the control of you which meet the multiple balance of quiet and air volume;
M3 with fashion appearance offering five choices of M3 black classic, M3 blue smooth sound, M3 orange storm, M3 green prairie, M3 purple dream. 
V.A.D. Vertical Airflow Design
The innovative Vertical Airflow Design allows more airflow through the cooling grooves, hence improves the cooling performance a lot.
Fan Speed Adjustable
For a perfect balance between cooling performance and silence in use, M3 has a control knob to adjust the fan speed as you wish.
Safe Use with Anti-slip Rubber
High quality anti-slip rubber feet are installed on the back of M3 to provide a steady cooler stand for your notebook. And it is highly recommended to put your notebook in the correct position as illustrated, not only for notebook safety but also for optimal music experience.
All for Health
We love the nature. Eco low carbon is the idea to save the energy and save the earth. Every piece of M3 is RoHS certified and recyclable. Moreover, the inner-magnetic speakers and damping chamber all care for users’ health.

Application For

Compatible with 15.6" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension 360X327X54mm
Fan Dimension 140X15mm
Net Weight 1100g
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage 5VDC
Operating Voltage 4.5-5.5VDC
Started Voltage 2.8VDC
Rated Current 0.5~1.0A
Power Input 2.5~5W
Fan Speed 700±150-1100±10%RPM
Max. Air Flow 47.35CFM
Noise 21dB(A)
Frequency Response 180Hz~15KHz
Tweeter 2inches(52mm)+2inches(52mm)
Woofer 2.25inches(57mm)
Sensitivity 450±50mV
Audio Adapter 3.5mm
Antimagnetic Function Available

Product Dimension