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DQ750 tiene certificación 80 Plus Gold con un 87% a 90% de eficiencia eléctrica permitiendo una menor generación de calor y un menor costo operativo.  Rendimiento excelente y estable lo cual hace que sea uno de los mejores PSU de Deepcool. DQ750 de seguro será uno de los equipos más ideales para gamers.


Certificación 80 PLUS® Gold – Eficiencia de hasta 87 – 90%.
Click aquí; para ver la certificación.

Sistema de Cable Modular

Con un sistema de cable modular, usted puede conectar solo los cables que necesite para asegurar un case ordenado y de buen aspecto.


Compatible con Intel ATX12V 2.31 & SSI EPS 12V 2.92 estandard;
El filtro EMI de doble capaprotege delas interferencias electromagnéticasyrestringeel ruido
Diseño de ahorro de energía, consume <1W en su modo apagado,compatible con Erp estandard;
Diseño modular de cableado plano reduce la resistencia del flujo de aire por un diseño de cable regular, y aumenta la capacidad de refrigeración del sistema;
El diseño de cable largo soporta la administracion del cable perrfectamente.
Alta fiabilidadconun MTBFde almenos 120,000horas de uso;
CircuitShieldTM-Protección sobre voltaje (OVP), protección de bajo voltaje(UVP), protección contra cortocircuito(SCP), protección por sobrecargade energía(OPP);
Certificado 80 PLUS® GOLD – Hasta 87 ~ 90% de eficiencia (20 ~ 100% de carga);
Entrada de tensión amplia de 90-264Vac, asegura un uso sin problemas en cualquier lugar del mundo;
Condensadores de alta calidad, aseguran el rendimiento de salida estable
Ventilador silencioso de 140mm con función PWM.
100-240V 10.0A 47-63Hz
SALIDA DC +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
CORRIENTE (Max) 20A 20A 62A 0.8A 3A
SALIDA (Max) 100W 744W 9.6W 15W

Mainboard (24Pin) EPS ATX12V (4+4Pin) PCI-E (6+2Pin)
1 1 4
SATA Peripheral (Big 4Pin)
6 6


Modeloo DQ750
Tipo ATX 12V V2.31 & SSI EPS 12V 2.92
Certificaciones 80PLUS Gold
Dimensión 150×160×86mm (W x L x H)
Capacidad de Salida 750W
Voltaje de Entrada 100~240V
Corriente de Entrada 10A
Rango de Frecuencia de Entrada 47~63Hz
Tamaño del Ventilador 140mm Blue LED
PFC Active PFC (>0.9)
Buena Señal de Potencia 100-500ms
Tiempo de Espera  >16ms
Eficiencia Up to 90% Under Typical Load
Protección OVP / SCP / OPP
Temperatura de Funcionamiento 0~40°C
Regulador CE / FCC / CCC / CB / EAC / TUV
MTBF 120,000 Hours
EAN 6933412798187

  • блок питания Deepcool DQ750 750W
    Video Review
  • Deepcool Quanta DQ750 750W Review
    The Deepcool Quanta DQ750 750W delivers pretty decent performance according to our affiliates with professional load testing equipment, but the hardware selection and build quality definitely leaves some questions on the table with regards to reliability. Carrying an MSRP of about $130 at press time, the Quanta DQ750 is a good looking 80 Plus Gold certified power supply with a blue LED fan (If that is your thing). However, if Deepcool wants to take the game seriously, and become an important player among the competition, this PSU will either need a sizable retail discount, or make some serious improvement to the bill of materials.
  • DeepCool Quanta 750W Power Supply Review
    From a functional standpoint, the Quanta is 80PLUS Gold certified, and performance was very good with solid voltage regulation and ripple suppression, with very good efficiency. Further, DeepCool included a large assortment of flat-design modular cables that will support the latest multiple SLI/Crossfire setups with an easy to use connection design. We are fans of the flat cable design, as they’re a bit easier to tuck out of sight when cleaning up the inside of a case for a clean aesthetic. Considering the reasonable pricing and great performance, we think the DeepCool Quanta 750W is a great choice for consumers. DeepCool has certainly made a strong start into the power supply market.
  • Deepcool DQ750 review
    Deepcool DQ750 provide excellent quality and stabilize the level of efficiency, poborovshis confident with their classmates. However, the noise characteristics of this block is poor - at the level of 450-500 W load more clearly begins "buzz." Thus, you can comfortably use it only in the "hands-free" gaming the system - if there's a couple of roars reference card, DQ750 may seem silent user. In this situation, its strengths (good power characteristics, efficiency, stabilization) will be just the place.
  • Deepcool DQ750 PSU: review and testing
    Power supply Deepcool DQ750 clearly exceeded our expectations, and the company Deepcool one more time has confirmed own commitment to the production of high-quality and effective products. Key indicators of this model in the tests do not concede the capabilities of more expensive and famous devices. First of all it is a merit of qualitative circuitry. Due to these factors the power supply provides a consistently high efficiency at all standard load range. Also it is important to note the good condition of output power lines. Voltage stabilizing system and ripple filtration easily cope with all of our tests, and in some cases even surpassed the results of similar competitive counterparts. Consumer qualities for this device are also at a height: the majority of cable has a modular connection, and preset fan provides good cooling of components and an acceptable level of noise even in case of maximum load. In general, it is hard to find any drawback of the model Deepcool DQ750, so it is an excellent choice for high-performance systems with two powerful graphics cards.
  • DeepCool analysis DQ750W Quanta
    The DeepCool just once more for show that it can and is presented here with an OEM source (by the CWT) to rival other sources of popular brands. The fact that a single-rail source and the fact that efficiency above the common cause this is a source that we should certainly consider. Let us join it to being a semi-modular source and the flat cables (which is an addition that would like to start seeing more power supplies), all this makes this DeepCool DQ750 Quanta's a really attractive proposal. Moreover, and this, the DeepCool DQ750 How much is a product recommended by InsideGeeks!
  • Deepcool Quanta DQ750 review
    Beyond the good aesthetic care, though the electrolytic implemented are not first choice, the Quanta 750 Watt can also boast an excellent build quality profile, thanks to a project and components of established quality, from the stage of filtering of the input current here very well attenzionata. It should therefore be appreciated that Deepcool have preferred not to sacrifice quality and reliability, giving the Quanta DQ750 a good overall competitiveness, also because of its efficiency, Class 80 Plus Gold. The selling price of around € 120 is thus fairly balanced compared to what is offered as well as competitive in comparison with other solutions pertaining to this price range, though not lacking in it similar proposals on the reliability, can offer something extra on certain aspects such as connectivity, the duration of the warranty or the features.
  • Deepcool DQ750 Quanta Semi-Modular Power Supply Review
    The Deepcool DQ750 is a solid power supply unit. Our testing has revealed strong voltage regulation and efficiency are the main selling points of this unit. Ripple suppression is fantastic on the 3.3 and 5 volt rails, The unit does have some nice features with all-black cables and an LED fan but there’s also a fair amount missing.For the wattage it also feels like this unit is lacking in cables: more SATA connectors are needed and there’s no FDD option, both of which are needed to match rival offering.
  • 블링블링 블루LED가 인상적인 PSU! - [Deepcool DQ Series DQ750]
    여러 시장에 진출하고 있는 Deepcool에서 파워서플라이 세 번째 시리즈 라인업으로 출시된 DQ Series에 750W DQ 750을 만나보았습니다. DQ Series는 앞서 시작에서 말했듯이 LED 팬이 처음으로 적용된 모델로 역시 가장 큰 매력 부분임을 느끼게 해줍니다. 여기에 80Plus Gold 등급의 효율과 세미 모듈러 케이블 방식을 갖추면서 케이블 형태도 플랫 형태라 현재 파워서플라이 시장에 고급부분의 트랜드를 잘 따르고 있습니다. 아쉬운 점이라면 750W 용량을 생각했을 때, ATX+12V 8핀 커넥터다 1개 더 있으면 더 좋지 않았을까 생각을 해봅니다. 최근 PC케이스부터 VGA, 메인보드까지 LED 튜닝에 대한 요소가 점점 늘어나고 있는 시점에서 파워서플라이까지 LED 효소의 제품을 찾고 있는 소비자가 있다면, Deepcool 80Plus Gold와 Blue LED FAN이 접목된 DQ Series를 고려해보면 좋을 것 같습니다.
    The power cable is designed to be removable and a flat wire as well, which can be easily folded.The active PFC done a great job. Moreover, The outstanding appearance and efficiency showed that DQ750 is one of the perfect alternative of 80PLUS Gold PSUs.
    The power cable is designed to be removable and a flat wire as well, which can be easily folded.The active PFC done a great job. Moreover, The outstanding appearance and efficiency showed that DQ750 is one of the perfect alternative of 80PLUS Gold PSUs.
  • Блоки питания Deepcool DA700 и DQ750
    Очевидно, что рассмотренные сегодня блоки вряд ли можно назвать оригинальными решениями, способными перевернуть рынок источников питания. Это в целом добротные решения, выполненные на проверенной платформе известного производителя, но при этом оснащенные лишь минимальнонеобходимымкомплектом аксессуаров.
  • Deepcool Quanta DQ750 750W
    Deepcool's new to the power supply market, so I expected some hiccups in the Quanta 750's journey here today. However, these all manifested in relatively harmless ways. The DQ750 is as worthy a first attempt at a power supply as any I have ever seen. There is no problem passing forty degrees at full power for this unit, the minor rail ripple suppression is excellent, moreover there is a very good voltage regulation and 12V ripple handing. After aspects like ribbon cabling and angle molexes are noteworthy.
  • Test Alimentation Deepcool Quanta DQ-750
    Pour le premier Bloc Deepcool que nous testons, le constat est plutôt encourageant. Le bloc est soigné, fonctionne très bien, propose des bonnes tensions et consommations, dispose d'un ventilateur qui se montre discret, ne souffre pas de bruits électriques, et se trouvera pour 110 € normalement. Pour ce prix, Deepcool propose un bloc qui ne souffre pas vraiment la critique, mais qui arrive avec un léger déficit de prises par contre. Reste aussi à connaitre le temps de la garantie pour l'Europe. Dans tous les cas, cette première copie est plutôt bonne.
  • Обзор модульного блока питания Deepcool Quanta DQ750: тихое золото
    На момент написания этого материала блок питания Deepcool Quanta DQ750 был доступен в московской онлайновой рознице в ценовом диапазоне примерно 4 100–4 600 рублей. Стоит подчеркнуть, что за качественный модульный 750-Вт блок питания с КПД уровня 80PLUS Gold такую цену можно считать вполне адекватной, хотя совсем вплотную к этой отметке уже подходят конкуренты с 850-Вт моделями. The author consider, that Quanta DQ750 is a quality modular 750-watt power supply with an efficiency level of 80PLUS Gold and excellent price for these features. He also highlights flat shape of integrated and removable cables, rather quiet operation of the cooling system and, of course, superior performance, proven in practice.
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