Patent NO.: US 11,160,193 B2
Patent NO.: US 11,160,193 B2
About Anti-leak Tech Inside
After 3 years of R&D, DeepCool launched the new standard of liquid cooling system - The Anti-leak Tech.
The technology helps the system achieve an automated pressure balance, which will significantly improve operation safety of AIO liquid cooling systems. With this technology, DeepCool is setting a new standard for liquid cooling systems.
Inside the radiator, an elastic pressure-relief bag will be added with one side exposed to the air and the other side dipped in the coolant. When the internal pressure exceeds atmospheric pressures, the bag will be squeezed and thereby increases the system’s internal volume. As a result, the increased pressure is released and the risk of leakage is avoided.
Your Regular Liquid Cooler is Probably at Risk
Although the liquid cooling radiator features low noise, high radiation efficiency and other advantages, its potential safety hazards shouldn’t be ignored. While the cooler is working, the coolant’s temperature rises, so will the volume expand. Sometimes gas can be generated within the system, which will further increase the system’s pressure. When the pressure exceeds the system’s critical levels, a leakage will occur.
Hazards of Leakage
Leakage is catastrophic to the computer system.
Data loss, hardware damage, electric leakage and even fire could be caused by the leaked coolant.
The New Standard
The pressure-relief device is crucial for the safety of AIO water-cooling system, yet before DeepCool, none has integrated such devices into a liquid cooler.
Being the first to launch the Anti-leak DeepCool manages to eliminate the major leakage risks at the source, thereby setting up the new standard of liquid cooling system.
The pressure-relief bag is made of premium EPDM material produced by DuPont ( E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company ).The material possesses properties such as elasticity, anti-corrosion, resistance to ageing and resistance to the impact of high/low loading.
The hose is made of the mix of IIR material and premium rubber that imported from Japan and the U.S., which significantly enhanced its contracting elasticity and air tightness.The refined-fiber cladding layer at the hose surface vastly improves both its pressure resistance capability and aesthetic looks.
To achieve optimal heat dissipation, anti-freezing and anti-corrosion, DeepCool utilizes premium coolant and controls the level of it at 0.01g precision.