Aluminum Cooler Freezes Your Notebook with 4 Fans

DeepCool presents MULTI CORE X8

DeepCool, the leading manufacturer of desktop CPU cooler, Notebook cooler, VGA cooler, DC case fan, announced the third member of the MULTI CORE notebook cooler family—MULTI CORE X8. With high quality aluminum panel and 4 big fans, this notebook cooler is able to cool down your notebook for better using experience.

High Cooling Performance

The front panel is specially designed with 4 separate aluminum panels, and the four fans below blow into four different directions. This initiative design makes full use of the dissipation area, and also covers all heating points of your notebook. In addition, there’s a fan control knob to help turn on/off the fans in 4 patterns: all fans on, 2 upper fans on, 2 downside fans on, all fans off, which offers a balance between cooling performance and noise level.

Ergonomic Design for Health and Convenience

With two foldable supporting feet, MULTI CORE X8 provides you 2 viewing angles to help you stay in a correct and healthy position when you type an email or watch a Youtube video. In addition, there’re 2 USB ports available so you can connect your extension USB device.

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About DeepCool

DeepCool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance & humanized thermal solutions for worldwide customers. DeepCool design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality products, covering desktop cooling solutions, laptop cooling solutions, server cooling solutions, embedded cooling solutions, and other thermal components.Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction by serving our customer’s ever-changing thermal needs and providing the quickest and most comprehensive service available.

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