AM5 Thermal Paste Guard
The AM5 Thermal Paste Guard is a multi-aspect solution for AMD's AM5 processor line. The copper frame will greatly improve thermal transfer, increase structural stability, and help keep thermal paste out of the cutouts in the heatspreader.
AM5 Thermal Paste Guard
AM5 Thermal Frame
Keep It Clean
Cut to match the shape of the AM5 heatspreader, the thermal paste guard protects against the accumulation of thermal compound in the crevices of the AM5 CPU.
Keep It Cool
The copper frame of the AM5 Thermal Paste Guard greatly improves heat transfer by increasing the surface area between the processor and cooler.
Set It And Forget It
Designed to remain in place through countless CPU cooler installations on an AM5 processor, the guard is a true "set it and forget it" solution.
Included Accessories:
1x Thermal Paste Spreader
1x Cleaning Wipes
Technical Spec
Product Dimension45×45×0.6 mm
Net Weight5.5 g
AM5 Thermal Paste Guard Manual.pdf