The DeepCool DQ1000M-V3L is a fully modular power supply that adopts a new pure black shell, is 80 PLUS gold certified, utilizes a mainstream active PFC + full-bridge LLC resonance + DC/DC architecture, and uses all Japanese capacitors. The power output is stable and efficient, making it an excellent choice for AAA games.
80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
Go For Gold
The DQ1000M-V3L power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified, will generate clean and consistent power, while reducing heat and noise. The DQ1000M-V3L is energy-efficient, and provides efficiency greater than 92% at 50% load.
Designed And Built Solid
The internal design is compact, with full Japanese capacitors and materials. The main capacitor is selected from 105℃ bulk capacitor, making it resistant to high temperatures. Solid state capacitors are used for the auxiliary capacitors producing low noise and long life.
By implementing a new manufacturing process with the adoption of SiC diodes, it produces lower heat loss, while achieving higher efficiency. The seperative heatsink for the LLC mosfet and a large, full copper heatsink for the SR mosfet creates superior heat dissipation.
* This product is prohibited from being used for mining and other abnormal uses. If the product fails due to it, DeepCool can refuse to provide the relevant warranty service according to the power supply warranty regulations.
Powerful Cooling When You Need It; Whisper Quiet When You Don't!
Under low loads, the DQ1000M-V3L will operate at a true zero noise level. At full load, the supported intellegent, temperature-control adjusted, enabled FDB fan provides remarkably low noise cooling, while minimizing noise interference.
* The auto start-stop fan operates once the PSU reaches a specific temperature and stops when the PSU temperature is below it.
* The fan speed will also depend on the PSU temperature once it operates.
Superiority In Five Major Points of Internal Design
The DQ1000M-V3L is designed with advanced, mature solution and high specification materials. This focus on detail provides continuous and stable power output for your system.
  • The PFC inductor is composed of iron-silicon aluminum that results in low core loss and longer life of the psu.
  • A 3rd generation super junction MOSFET tube provides a low internal resistance design, reducing conduction loss.
  • The output solid capacitor ripple is lower to meet load variation demand from graphics cards such as RTX30/RX60.
  • Optimized start-up inrush current design, the inrush current is less than 80A to prevent circuit damage.
  • -12V with DC to DC design, optimized ripple and voltage regulators.
Main Power Connector 24(20+4)Pin × 1
CPU8Pin x 1
CPU8(4+4)Pin x 1
PCI-E(6+2)Pin x 1
SATA x 4
4pin Peripheral x 4
Technical Spec
TypeATX12V V2.4
Product Dimensions150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
80PLUS CertificationsGold
Fan Size120mm
Fan BearingFDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
TopologyActive PFC + Full Bridge SRC LLC + DC to DC
CapacitorsFull Japan Electrolytic Capacitors
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time≥16ms(80% Load)
Efficiency≥90% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature0 - 40 °C
Erp RegulationErP 2014
MTBF100,000 Hours
EAN P/N6933412715719 R-DQA00M-FB0B-CN
6933412715726 R-DQA00M-FB0B-WO
6933412715733 R-DQA00M-FB0B-BP
6933412716556 R-DQA00M-FB0B-EU
6933412716570 R-DQA00M-FB0B-UK
6933412716587 R-DQA00M-FB0B-US
DQ1000M-V3L Manual.pdf
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